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4 July
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Swear Not By the Moon
(Shakespeare can be rather nifty in his own right). I'm the girl who daydreams a lot but still manages to get good, mostly A grades. I'm the quiet and ridiculously shy one unless a matter of opinion comes up, and then it's hard to get me to stop talking. I'm the girl who always seems to be panicking about one thing or another and getting all emotional over it when it's really not that big a deal. I'm the girl who thinks a lot, maybe even too much. I'm the one who gets jealous easily and can be far too moody. I'm the girl most would call weird. I'm the girl who doesn't like labels, particularly because she doesn't fit into one. I'm the girl who, despite having herself sketched out, still needs to be colored in.

"You can tell a lot about a person's character from his choice of sofa."-Haruki Murakami in the book Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.
(Come on. You know it's true). I was raised Catholic but now consider myself an atheist, but I don't mind any other religions in the slightest. I'd say I'm pretty "liberal" in most of my beliefs, but I can get along with people who aren't as long as they respect others, even if they don't agree with their lifestyle. I don't get along too well with close minded people or "jerks", seeing as that I'm overly sensitive. But I'll be glad to friend most people, as long as they respect what I write and what I say :)

Well, THAT was random
I adore alliteration. Punnet squares and proofs kick ass. So do snow and sun showers, and sunny days in general. Salt is my savoir, although I will probably get an early heart attack by how much of it I can consume. Jelly is no match for peanut butter. I actually like a lot of reality TV. Nifty and epiphany are awesome words. I ♥ anime and manga. And Daisuke rocks my socks.